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5 Questions to ask yourself when you’re stuck in a rut

You’re not alone!

Have you fallen out of love with your business?

Or just feeling a bit stuck? Sometimes we can feel like just giving up because it feels too difficult. But before you do something drastic, ask yourself these 5 questions.

Do I need to take a break?

Maybe it’s time you step back from your business and have a proper break where you can switch off. (Your mind and your phone!) That’s not an hour, I mean a WHOLE week or weekend, where you can switch off completely with no replying to messages, no checking your Facebook page, just give yourself time to recharge. What you’re feeling could be pure exhaustion and no matter how awesome your job is, if you’re exhausted everything is going to feel like a chore and not enjoyable at all.

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Does something need to change?

Are you getting bogged down with the admin, constant messages, feeling like you’re on call, spending too much time uploading photos to Instagram and wish you didn’t ‘have to’ do certain tasks.  You don’t have to run your business like the person down the road or the person who looks like they’re smashing it on Instagram.  Find the best way for you and if that means making changes to the way you do things then make those changes!

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Why am I doing this?

Remember why you started your business in the first place, why you wanted to work in the Pet Industry and have your why’s written down so you can refer back to them for clarity when things get tough. When were really busy and stressed we can quickly forget our whole purpose and reason for doing the job in the first place.

Do I need to start saying no?

Maybe you have just taken on way too much and something needs to give. It’s so hard to say no and trust me I really struggled with this because we just want to help everyone and we bend over backwards to try to accommodate every request which can cause us to feel burned out and maybe even a little resentful.

Do I need help?

Don’t suffer in silence. If you need someone to talk through things with confidentially and without judgement, get in touch with me today. Sometimes a second pair of eyes on your business and a second opinion can show you things you hadn’t realised and talking to someone who has experienced what you’re feeling now can really help save you time, tears and your sanity. You’re not alone!

Learn more about working with me here 🙂

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Rachel x

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