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7 Practical Tips to Reset your Dog Walking Business for the New Year

If things are messy and unorganised my brain feels messy and unorganised

Get that fresh, I’m on top of my sh*t type feeling

  1. Clean & tidy your vehicle. Pick up all those dropped crisp packets and coffee cups and get the Fabreeze out. Your car or van is like your mobile office, make sure its a pleasant atmosphere to be in.

  2. Keys. Are you still holding on to that set that you were meant to return? Are there random ones that have fallen off the key ring or have the labels all rubbed off? Get them all out in front of you, and sort them out!

  3. Clean & check your dog walking bag. Tip everything out, get rid of all the broken bits of ball and 3 month old dog biscuit crumbs and random objects that don’t need to be in there. Replace anything that needs to be, and give it a refresh.

  4. Check your first aid kit & restock. Ensure nothing has gone out of date and replace anything you’ve used.

  5. Clean your walking boots & wellies. Ok they’re likely to get muddy again pretty quickly but its nice to set off in the morning with clean footwear!

  6. Work Phone. Make sure your phone is up to date, that you have all the numbers stored that you need and delete anything you don’t need.

  7. Make a list. Is there anything that would make your life easier, such as a phone charger for your car, a car boot organiser so you have easy access to everything you need to grab, or do you need to get a better diary.

Try to reset regularly not just at New Year

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We all know that clean slate, new start type feeling where we feel totally in control, like we’re ready to take on the world. For me it all comes down to being prepared, organised, tidy and having things I need within arms reach.

If things around me are messy and unorganised my brain feels messy and unorganised!

Rachel x

I’ll be running a Reset & De – Stress your Pet Business challenge in January where together we will get super clear on all those little details that we make really complicated or cause us stress, and discover what and where we can make changes. JOIN HERE

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