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How to take a break from your Pet Business and not feel guilty about it

TRUST ME your business will not explode if you have a week off.

Work Smarter Not Harder

We’re constantly made to believe that to create a successful business we should be working on it 24/7, that if we take time for ourselves we don’t want it enough, we’re lazy or not committed. “Rest when your dead”, i’ve been told on more than one occasion. But isn’t the whole point in being your own boss, and probably one of the reasons you started your business, to have more freedom and to be less stressed??

No matter who you are you NEED a break, both mentally and physically. Which doesn’t mean going to Hawaii to be alone on a beach doing Yoga (although that sounds extremely appealing!) It can mean just simply allowing yourself to have one whole day off a week. You need to be able to recharge your batteries so that you can be the best version of you when you go back to your business.

Here’s 3 ways you can work smarter not harder:

  1. Have clear working hours – decide on a time where you know you will be ‘closed’ for the day and stick to these. Decide that after 5pm or 7pm whatever works for your business, that you will switch off your phone & laptop.

  2. Set boundaries with your customers – Make sure they know you won’t reply to messages after a certain time or on Sunday’s for example & let them know when you’ll be away. More on SETTING BOUNDARIES here

  3. Be more organised with your time – stop winging it, if creating social media content is a stresser for you, set yourself an hour a night, a few hours one morning (whatever suits you) to just concentrate on that one task instead of trying to find time here and there.

BONUS TIP – Try batching your social media content, set time aside to concentrate on just writing a load of blog posts, or coming up with post ideas for example so you can schedule them for the future while you’re away so you won’t be worrying that you haven’t uploaded anything.

How do we do this without feeling guilty?

By changing our mindset around having time off we no longer have those feelings of guilt, anxiety and worry. We need to be reminding ourselves:

  1. We are not letting our customers down or being selfish – in fact we’re doing them a favour by ensuring that we are the best version of ourselves and therefore able to give the BEST service to them

  2. We deserve time off like they do – i’m guessing they all take time off from their jobs without feeling guilty?

  3. We are not superhuman – you won’t win any medals for working yourself into the ground, in fact it will have a negative effect on your business

  4. Your car cannot run on empty and neither can you!

  5. Our businesses will not explode or disappear, and we won’t lose any customers by having time off

  6. If a customer is annoyed at you for having time out or a holiday, they do not respect you and therefore are not the type of customer you want

So I hope you will all be having at least a few days off over Christmas to eat, drink and be merry and enjoy time with family and friends WITHOUT feeling guilty about it!

It’s time to stop struggling on your own! Join Team Petpreneur now to be part of a community of fellow Petpreneurs like YOU and learn from experts who have been there, done that…

Rachel x

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