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My first blog post

So here goes my very first blog post!

It was my first day back today after 10 days off over Christmas and New Year and boy did my legs get a shock! My arms and shoulders too for that matter! After not much physical exercise and eating my weight in chocolate over the festive period I was not prepared for that first cold and energetic power walk of 2017. I’m starting to think I should do warm up exercises in the mornings as I definitely felt like I’d had a full body workout after an hour of brisk walking along with my arms being pulled in every direction trying to stop Obi the Doberman cross from grabbing the loaf of bread somebody had kindly left on the path, I’m assuming for the birds. Obi can sniff out a dropped slice of pizza, half eaten sandwich and random edible objects from a mile away. She could be a police sniffer dog if there were ever a crime involving a cheesecake that is…

Like Obi I was greeted by my other buddies throughout the day with excitable barking, wagging tails and licks to the face. I like to think their greetings are because they’ve missed me as much as I’ve missed them but It’s probably more to do with me being ‘the one that takes us for long walkies and then gives us a treat!’

One of my 1 hour walks was with a beautiful Labrador who is just bursting with energy and so I decided I would put her on an extendable lead so she could have more room to have a wander around and a little run. Unfortunately for me I didn’t anticipate that she was going to start sprinting like Usain Bolt! With me still attached to the other end of the lead you can use your imagination as to what happened next, ouch!  Most of my customers like me to keep their dogs on lead so I seem to have something inside me that says ‘DON’T LET GO!’

My last walk today (now with muddy jeans) was with Jack, I walk him once a week through The Cinnamon Trust which is a charity that I signed up with last year. It’s an amazing charity that helps elderly and terminally ill people and their pets, finding volunteers to walk or foster pets if the owners are not able to themselves. Very rewarding and something which I’d love to write about in more detail in the future.

When I got home I have to say I was pretty tired and my calves were aching, probably from trying to stop myself face planting the mud earlier! Still, I’m looking forward to whatever the day has to bring tomorrow 🙂

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