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The secret to stress free social media for local businesses

Wanna know the secret to stress free and affective social media for your local business??



Getting hundreds of likes

Getting hundreds of followers

Posting pointless content 10 times a day

Being on every platform

✅ DO think about:

Positive feedback and Reviews

Interacting with customers you already have & potential customers

Telling & showing people what you have to offer

The very name SOCIAL media means interacting, chatting with, mingling, meeting, networking, getting to know…..

Too many of us forget this and think it’s the place for us to sell, pitch and entertain people.

You are not here to entertain, your business pages are to showcase what you can do and to attract paying customers.

I did a survey of my customers who contacted me on Facebook and they said the first thing they looked at and what pushed them to contact me was my positive 5 star reviews, they didn’t even look at how many likes I had.

In fact most people who had contacted me through my fb Page had already been recommended by a friend.

I rarely post more than once a day, sometimes I don’t post at all, and when I do it’s usually just a photo of a pet I’ve seen that day. Personally if I’m following an account that posts 10 times a day, I stop looking and loose interest in that page.

So what’s my secret?

You’re probably bored of hearing me say it now but I’ll say it again! Haha!

👉🏼 Provide amazing quality service for the people who ALREADY pay you, and they will do your advertising for you! Simple.

1000 likes does not mean 1000 paying customers. If your likers and followers are not converting to paying customers then they are not your target audience.

For example if I get 100 likes from other dog walkers around the country, it’s nice of them to show support but they are never going to be paying customers.

Are you over thinking? I see a lot of people asking about blogs but then saying they’re not very good at writing and don’t enjoy it.. well don’t do it then! If it’s not going to benefit your business and you don’t enjoy doing it, why stress yourself out?

Really think before you post something… is this benefiting my business, is it attracting potential customers to pay me or is it showcasing what i offer? If no then it’s probably not worth posting.

So what are some things you could be doing?

• Just for fun photo competitions, this gets local pet owners engaging with you

• Ask your current customers to write you a review

• Mingle and talk to people in local business or neighbourhood Facebook groups

• Introduce yourself, tell people about you and why you started your business, was there a story behind it?

• Remind people what services you offer

• Get to know fellow Petpreneurs in your area, where I live we recommend each other

• Overall get to know local people and get them to like and trust you

For some ideas of what you could be posting have a look at my 30 day guide.

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