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There Are No Instant Success Hacks, Quick Routes Or Secret Shortcuts To Creating A Successful Pet Bu

Recently I’ve been seeing a ridiculous amount of articles, guides, Pinterest posts, info graphics with headings like..

‘Have a million dollar Pet Business in an hour’

‘Create a successful Dog Walking Biz in 24 hours’

‘Earn 5K a week from your Pet Biz in 3 days’

Truth Bomb… I’m willing to bet the writers of these posts have NEVER created a Pet Business from scratch or even worked in the Pet Industry at all. Why? Because the way new businesses become profitable and successful relies on these 3 key points, especially if not MORE in the Pet Industry:




These things cannot be obtained overnight or in the space of a week. It takes time to gain that trust, get those initial customers and then get them to love you and your products and services so much that they recommend you. If you’re looking for ‘quick cash’ its probably not the industry for you.

Yes the initial set up can be quick, it might only take you a few hours to build a website or a few minutes to get your Facebook Page up and running, but once you’ve put those things out there it takes time to grow and it can be a slow process.

There is no instant success hack, a quick route, or a secret shortcut, sorry but that’s the truth!

When I say my Dog Walking Business took off quickly and became a success, i’m talking a good 6 months, not a week. I started The Petpreneur Network in 2018 and only now 2 years later am I starting to make any profit form it. I love this quote..

“There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs”.

So how do we build our businesses the RIGHT way and in a way that’s going to ensure lasting success?

  1. By putting ourselves in front of people rather than waiting for them to find us

  2. By showing who we are (Yes your face!) Potential customers need to see the person behind the Facebook Page

  3. Talk to and get to know those who are our potential customers

  4. Do our absolute best to provide an amazing customer experience, keep our paying customers happy so that they want to recommend us

I’ll bet you can’t think of anyone who decided on a Monday they wanted to start a business and by the following Monday it was up and running, profitable and thriving… REAL success takes time.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the successful people you see on your Instagram got to where they are in a matter of weeks, they’ve probably struggled and worked their ass off for years.

If you are smashing your Business what did you find the best way to get yourself out there and earn people’s trust?

Rachel x

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