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Hey lovely! I'm Rachel and the sassy poodle (Yorkiepoo) next to me is Mia aka Mimi!  My shadow, sidekick and bestie.

We live in the Cambidgshire countryside and when we're not creating stationery and sharing tips you'll find us watching true crime docs or detective dramas.

In 2018 I'd been running my Dog Walking Business for around 4 years and I noticed something.  Lots of new pet businesses opening in my local area but then closing again a few months later.  Long story short, I discovered these budding business owners were quitting mainly due to 4 things.

- Lack of business knowledge

- Lack of support

- Feeling like they were on their own

- Feeling that they weren't cut out to run a business

Ping!  The Petpreneur Network was born and I started helping Pet Business Owners through a blog, courses, mentoring and a Facebook community.

Fast forward to now, a little name change and physical products added, I still love helping and supporting Pet Business Owners like you to feel supported, fill the gaps in knowledge and share everything I've learnt so that quitting isn't an option!

To me it's SO important that my products and packaging are unique, helpful and above all Eco Friendly, and so all of my items are recyclable, biodegradable and/or made from recycled materials, yay!


For tonnes of tips and advice follow us on Instagram, and make sure you sign up to our monthly newsletter for pet industry news, new product updates and discounts and more good stuff!


If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch!

Rachel and Mimi xx

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