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6 Simple Ways to Organise your Digital Space

Do I really need 10 photos of the same dog from 5 different angles?

Freshen up & Organise your Phone

We’ve all gone to take that one millionth dog selfie and received the dreaded notification… ‘Phone Storage Full’ right?? Maybe it’s time to have a much needed digital freshen up. Read on for some simple tips…

The thousands of pet photos

Did you know your iphone can actually tell you how many dog photos you have? I got my instagram followers to check it out and i think the ‘winner’ had around 12k photos of dogs!!! No wonder their storage was full!

So ask yourself, do I really need 10 photos of the same dog from 5 different angles? Probably not. Time to get brutal and delete any doubles or blurry pics.

Create Albums

No doubt you’ll have some awesome, hilarious, excellent quality pics that you don’t want to delete and can be used in the future across your social media. To keep these organised and easily accessible, create some albums within your photos and pop those in.

For example your albums could be labelled ‘funny pics’, ‘cute puppies’ or ‘pics of me with pets’. This will save so much time in future when you’ve run out of ideas for posts, or if you know what you want to say but can’t find a photo to go with it, you can quickly dive into your albums and pick a photo.

Time Wasting apps

If you find you’re spending waaaay too much time on Instagram just scrolling pointlessly through your feed and not actually using it for legit business purposes, try creating folders for your apps that will be less appealing for you to click on automatically.

For example you could create a folder titled ‘Time Wasters’ and drag and drop your Insta, Facebook, or games apps in there. This may make you think twice if you’re just going to scroll but won’t stop you if you know you genuinely need to upload a post for your business.

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Folders for your Apps

If you’re like me you have tonnes of apps that you use for your business such as invoicing apps, creative apps, Facebook apps… and they can all get a bit muddled with your personal stuff.

A great way I’ve found to organise this space is to create folders so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. Some of my folders include ‘Admin’, ‘Creative’, ‘Relaxing’ and ‘Finances’. Or even simpler have just two, a ‘work’ and ‘personal’ folder.

Customer details

Go through your contacts and double check that you have your customers emergency details to hand and that they’re correct and up to date. Also delete any that you don’t need anymore or customers who have moved on.


Got tonnes of notes all over the place that you’ve written on the go? Try transferring them to a notes organisational app like Google Keep. I really like it, you can create almost like digital sticky notes and change the colours, pin important ones to the top, or even organise notes in to sections and projects, they even have a checklist option which I use for my shopping list!

So tell me, how many dog selfies do you have on your phone right now?? 😉

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