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The Thriving Petpreneur

 Empowering you to create a thriving, long lasting business

whilst striving to raise the bar in the Pet Care Industry


What is the Thriving

A non judgemental private space for professional Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters to ask questions, get feedback, learn tried & tested tips from me and other members, feel inspired, empowered & motivated, and help you create a long lasting, sustainable, thriving pet care business.

Whilst also striving to raise the bar in the pet care industry, I'll be  supporting you to create a professional, ethical, care focussed business that provides the best care to your human and furry clients.

You'll have access to my secret blog posts, and I'll be sharing lots of valuable tips and inspo from content ideas to boundary setting that go beyond the standard generic advice from those who have never run a pet care business.

Away from the distractions of social media this community is located on the Mighty Networks app, a friendly alternative to a Facebook group.

Whether you've just started and looking for guidance, or been running your business for years and you've lost the spark you once had, or just want some motivation, you're very welcome here.

What's inside?

About Rachel

In 2018 I'd been running my Dog Walking Business for around 4 years and I noticed lots of new pet businesses opening in my local area but then closing again a few months later.  Long story short, I discovered these budding business owners were quitting mainly due to 4 reasons.

- A love of animals but a lack of business knowledge

- Lack of support & not knowing who to ask for help

- Finding it harder than they anticipated

- Feeling that they weren't cut out to run a business

Ping!  The Petpreneur Network was born and I started helping budding Pet Business Owners through a blog, online courses, 1-1 mentoring and a Facebook community.

Fast forward to now, a little break from the mentoring world, and a name change, and i'm back helping Pet Business Owners like you to feel empowered, supported, fill the gaps in knowledge and share everything I've learnt so that quitting isn't an option!

Me in 2014 posing in my new work jumper with my rescue dog Honey on my first official day as a Dog Walker (the Primark ballet shoes were a rookie error!)

IMG_4359 (1).jpg

Perfect for you if you...

  • Are a Dog Walker, Dog or Cat Sitter (or other animal carer)

  • Want to start a Dog Walking or Pet Sitting Business but not sure how or where to start

  • You're not a newbie but would like advice, feedback, motivation and support

  • Want to be part of a friendly community of like minded people away from the drama of FB groups

  • You're non judgemental & understand everyone is at a different stage in their business journey

  • You want to learn from experts and get tried & tested advice from others

  • Want support & guidance, not a debate

  • Want to feel empowered & inspired

Probs not for you if you...

  • Are a product based business

  • Like to argue your point

  • Find it hard to take on others point of view

  • Want a place to debate controvertial topics - while there's nothing wrong with a debate, this won't be the place for it

Other service based pet business owners welcome

but the majority of advice & tips

will be aimed at Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters

(as this is my area of expertise)


All of this for just £12.99 per month

That's £3.25 a week which is less than the price of a hazelnut iced latte from Starbucks!

Still unsure? Here's what members of my previous community (the Petpreneur Network) thought...

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing me at or pop me a DM on Instagram @sassypoodlepetbizstationery or have a little look at the FAQ's below.

Click to join the wait list for more info & reminders so you don't miss opening day on the 21st July!  I'm so excited to open the doors! Rachel x


What's the difference between this community and a Facebook Group? I've been part of communities on the Mighty Networks platform before and it feels a lot more private, no distractions or Ads popping up, and is just a friendlier place (which is why I chose it!)

Why is it not free? From my experience of running a free Facebook Group I found that it attracted a large number of people who weren't that serious about their business, only joined to advertise their products or who wanted to argue, debate or make others feel stupid - I'm not here for ANY of that. I also want to create a community that provides genuinely valuable content and advice so a small monthly payment helps me to be able to do that, just as you get paid for the work you do.

Can I leave if it's not for me? Of course! You can cancel at any time. You won't however receive a refund for any previous months that you've been a member.

When can I join? Doors will open on Sundy 21st July and close on Friday 26th July. You won't be able to join after this date until doors reopen in the future. Join our waiting list to be notified so you don't miss out!

Can I join if I'm not a dog walker or pet sitter? All service based pet business owners are welcome, although the majority of the advice and content will be aimed at dog walkers & pet sitters specifically and some advice will overlap. You're also welcome to join if you're still in the early stages and haven't quite started your business.

Doors open 21st July!

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