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5 Ideas to get your Pet Business Autumn Ready

A change in season (and weather) is the best excuse to freshen up your business both online and offline.  Here’s some simple but effective ideas that you can quickly action.


Give your Facebook Page an Autumnal look and feel by changing your cover photo to a lovely leafy image.  The colours will really make your page pop and be more noticeable.


Get those leafy puppy shots!

Check your wording and any pinned posts to make sure there’s no out of date or summer offers you had that no longer need to be there or change the wording to fit with the season.

The same goes with your website, are there any changes you can make to give a more Autumnal look and feel to your home page.


Have a think about some post ideas that fit with the change in weather and season.  Could you mention your procedures re wet weather, do you need to remind customers to leave towels out for those wet and muddy paws, or could you mention that you provide towels.  Are there any different services you provide during this season that you can mention?

If you’re a groomer could you give quick washing and drying tips from home?  Or recommend some good pet towels or shampoo?

If you sell a product show off your Autumn range with some seasonal props or flatlays.

I find this time of year you can take the most beautiful photos with the orange, red and yellow colours, dogs playing in the leaves, and don’t forget those windswept selfies!  Make the most of what is around you and get some good quality snaps!


Make sure you have the equipment you need to deal with the change in weather that Autumn brings.  Over here in the UK it is pretty wet so check that you have your waterproof footwear and clothes at the ready and store any spares in your vehicle.  Don’t forget to get those wet weather essentials in the car; towels, spare socks, waterproof seat covers, and any doggy washing and drying equipment.  There’s nothing more annoying than being unprepared for bad weather.


Are there any extra or different services you offer this time of year?  Let your social media followers know and update the service section on your website.  For example will you be offering an extra 5/10 minutes to ensure the doggys are dry after their walks?  Do you provide indoor games or activities if it’s too wet or the weather is too bad?

OR are there any changes customers need to be aware of?  For example as the nights get darker is there a change to times that you will be working?


As it’s getting colder and it’s that time of year that were more likely to get ill, what can you do to avoid having time off?  Make sure you are getting that Vitamin C and eating properly to fight off those bugs and ensure you’re investing in warm and waterproof clothing and footwear.

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