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When one of the World’s biggest Sports Stars tags your Business…

Imagine my gobsmacked face when I realised Tom Brady is actually one of the BIGGEST sports stars in the US

Imagine my surprise when I received a facebook notification telling me a ‘Tom Brady’ had tagged my Dog Walking business in a post.

My surprise at first was more “who the hell is this I’ve never looked after this guys pets??” That quickly turned to “umm what, this guy has millions of followers…”

Imagine my then gobsmacked face when I realised Tom Brady is actually one of the BIGGEST sports stars in the US, basically the UK version of David Beckham and is married to supermodel Gisele!

OBVIOUSLY he’d tagged me by mistake, but still it was pretty cool for a while there, and there were a lot of ‘goat’ jokes sent my way which took me a while. If you don’t know it stands for Greatest of all Time 😉 Get it? Goats, pet sitter….

So what’s the point in me telling you this story other than it was really cool to be accidentally tagged by one of the biggest sports stars of the US, maybe even the world??

Truth is even though this put A LOT of eyes on my page, it gained me ZERO new customers. Why? Because NONE of those eyes on my page were potential paying customers. I had a local service based business, none of those people would ever need or use my services, and none of them were my target audience. Even though I gained some likes from it, you could argue that that would actually have a detrimental effect on my page as it may muck up the algorithm due to the location of the new likers.

There is absolutely no point in having thousands of likes or follows from people who are not your target audience, not potential paying customers, or never going to need your services.

So don’t get caught up or think that the aim is to get the most likes and follows, concentrate on YOUR target audience and attracting those that could potentially turn into paying customers.

I’ve known people to be fully booked and turning custom away with a couple of hundred page likes, and also those who have thousands of likes but who have very few customers. Likes does not equal a successful and busy business.

(I know you’re all off to Google Tom Brady now!) haha

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